Do you know what your fuel is doing today?

#19102 will cover all but the very lightest race gas.
Will also handle methanol and ethanol.
19101... .650 -1.00 specific gravity..... .005 increments.. 39.95
19102... .700-.810 specific gravity...... .001 increments.. 39.95
19103... .800-.910 specific gravity...... .001 increments.. 39.95
19104... .900- 1.00 specific gravity..... .001 increments.. 39.95
19105... 1.00 - 1.220 specific gravity... .002 increments . 39.95
19109....Beaker...................................................... 29.95
Leakdown Tester
For warm up and/or idle speed control
Leak your barrel valve for consistency. Check
your ring seal. Compare jet flow.
Comes with 14 & 18mm spark plug adapters.
Direct readout. No math involved
# 19115 .....Leak Tester .. $194.95
Comes with extra fittings and adapters for FI Barrel Valve leakdown work
Timing Light
Operated by 2 D cell batteries. The Light is
equipped with a xenon bulb, which generates a
bright strobe, as well as a convenient work-light.
Durable construction includes a rubber-encased
lens and a 48 inch pick up lead.
Excellent for magnetos and all spark ignition systems.

Bright xenon strobe clearly visible in daylight
Accurate timing up to 14,000 RPM
Can be used to test circuits
# 19116 .. $94.95
Racing Weather Book
The Why's, Wherefors and How To of Racing the weather.
Great Book!
Click here for more information and purchasing
Fuel injection tuning tools.
Holds 40 main or high speed tuning jets
# 7010........$32.30
Main Jet Holder
An all in one tool.
Screwdriver end fits the jet slot exactly.
The handle end has a female hex that fits
the jet access nut on the barrel valve.
Holds 8 main jets so you can do a last
minute tuning change in the staging lanes.
Main Jet Driver
# 7010sd.....$59.95
Idle Speed Plugs
Not just for Top Fuel. NA injection can benefit also.
Use one or two of these Quick Release plugs in an unused injector hole
on the hat.
  Pull one or both to taise the idle speed and lean it out during warm up.
Safer and much more consistent than pulling the pump shutoff cable.
# 19110 ..... QR air plug .. $9.95
     Prcnt          Use
    0-32%      19103
   33-61%     19104
   62-100%   19105
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Nitrous Master.
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Can also be used with carburated alcohol engines.
image of hydrometer
image of hydrometer beaker
image of hydrometer
image of air bleeds
image of enderle fuel injection jet holder
image of enderle fuel injection jet driver
image of Alcohol fuel injection leak down tester.
image of Fuel injection timing light
Go here for charts on Nitro vs temp NITRO
Gibbs Brand Lubricant
Fuel Injection Lubricant.
Lubricate your pump, barrel valve, shutoff, check valves, butterfly shafts, cable linkage, electrical connections, Heim joints, any bare surface, etc. Does not attract dust. 12 oz goes a long way.

Other racingperformance uses
Bare chassis, Bare aluminum, machined surfaces, shop machines and on and on.
This product has to be used to be believed. You won't regret it.
Go here for even more information on uses.  gibbsbrandlubricant.com/
Gibbs1 ... Gibbs Lubricant 12 oz. .....  18.95
Note: Will not pass fuel check.
Cannot be shipped by air. 48 states only by ground.
Tractor Pulling    Truck Pulling    Drag Racing     Sand Drags    Mud Drags   Boat Drags
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Nitrous Oxide
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