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> Accuracy: 2 grams (0.06oz)
> Resolution: 1 gram (.03 oz)
> Capacity: 0-75 lbs.  Also reads in Kilos and grams
> Power: Runs on 9 volt battery
> Zero tare capability
> Auto shut off
> Backlight
> Perfect scale for use with "Nitrous Oxide Filling Stations"
> Scale can be removed from case and the readout can be moved away
from the scale.

Do not try weighing over 75 lbs. You will kill the scale sooner or later..
Use it as the fine tool it is and not as a common fit all shop scale. Hide
it if you have to.

Set the bottle down on the scale pad gently. Don't slam it.
Battery will only survive about 36 hours. Carry a spare.
The electronics will NOT survive water or other liquid spills..

Zero may or may not wander if you take a long time filling. This is due
to the sensitivity of the scale and is not an error. Just remove the bottle
and hit the zero button to confirm final weight.

Choosing the weight mode: When unit is first turned on it will be in
the lbs/oz/tenths of an oz mode. Pressing and releasing the mode key
will switch it to lbs/oz only to kilos and grams, then back to

Scale may be used in two manners.
Zero scale and weigh complete bottle. 
OR Set bottle on scale and zero.
Then you can read what you are adding directly.
Note: When filling zero the scale after you have the lines hooked up.

The scale and readout may be removed from the case for special
The early skinny NOS 10 lb bottles have 2 different weights.
The one with the machined square neck will weigh 25 lbs full.
The one with the unmachined, rounded, smooth neck will weigh 23.6 lbs
full. Some of the listed weights were wrong on these bottles. Late model
bottles will weigh 24 lbs, 12 oz full.

Now, having said all that, all bottles vary in empty weight. The tag is
usually wrong. Weigh it empty  and change the figure  on the sticker
when you are really getting serious.

Do not overfill. Dangerous and counter productive to HP.
Use Nitrous Plus only.
Have a safe race 
Digital Nitrous Bottle Scale
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