For those that want to
eliminate electricity
altogether there is an air
push button available. The
co2 bottle hooks in one
side of the air switch and
the output side goes to
the Airnoids. Push the
button and off you go. An
air throttle switch is in the
works which will be more
suitable for the majority
of nitrous racers.
No voltage at all
It is really a lot of fun when something works better than expected. I can
say with confidence that the Airnoids have met every test I could think of
and they performed above and beyond what was expected.

Naturally I like the lack of wires to have to check on a race to race basis.
If you are considering a new system or updating an old one I suggest
requesting the Combo-Flo Airnoids as your first choice. Where else would
you find more flow, lighter weight, no wires, low to no maintenance and
simplicity in one package?
End Game
After this was written the Mini air noids were released. These make it even
simpler and lighter to make a Fogger changeover from electric solenoids.
The operating principals are the same. The specifications are listed on the
Combo-Flo Airnoid page.
A Review of Combo-Flo  Air Operated Solenoids
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Nitrous Master.
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Combo-flo air push button
I have shown that the Airnoids will require little or no maintenance unless
you run a rock through them. Replacing the plunger is a few steps more
complicated than electric solenoids. These steps must be followed
religiously to avoid damage. These can be done by most anyone but I
don't think I would let the team gorilla do it. I am running out of room
here and the repair is basically another story for another time but I will be
glad to train anyone that purchases one or I can do it for you.
By David Koehler
copyright 11-30-05
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