1: Buy a Nitrous Master license
2: Refer 2 other people who buy
3: You receive a second Nitrous Master license FREE.
Several people and shops have purchased extra Nitrous Master Licenses
so they may have a copy at the shop and at home or in the trailer.

For others it strains the budget but this referall program will get you multiple
licenses free with little to no effort.
Effective 04/02/03 Previous referrals will not be counted
I will track NM purchases and referrals BUT
you should stress that the person you refer credits you with the referral.

I will email you when your name pops up with 2 referrals and will unlock another license for you.

I suggest you keep your own list of referrals. When you think 2 people you know have purchased
Nitrous Master, call or email me to compare your notes with our Nitrous Master database.

Limit is 3 licenses per person. You cannot resell the license.
Have a safe race!
Dave Koehler
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Nitrous Master.
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