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Nitrous Oxide
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First thing. Don't panic. You can figure this all out before actually running the

When the cylinder is contracted to it's shortest length your throttle works
normally. Idle is still idle. WOT is still WOT.  IF not you have the air lines
backwards. More on that later. When the cylinder is activated it essentially
lengthens your throttle cable. You put your throttle foot to the floor and the
injector remains at idle or whatever rpm you set.

Cylinder Installation

This cylinder sits in between your injector arm and the throttle cable or rod.
1: Remove the throttle cable and ball joint from the injector arm.

2: Drill and tap the arm for 1/4-28 thread. You will want the nut part of the ball
joint to sit firmly on the arm.
    You may either machine a chamfer to clear the radius on the underside of
the new ball joint or add a little washer behind the ball joint.
3: You will need to move the cable or rod back and make a new mounting

4: The other end of the cylinder screws directly onto your cable. There are 2
brass adapters included. 10-32 and 1/4-28. Make sure to use the nut on the
cable to lock the cable firmly to the cylinder. A touch of blue Loctite to the pipe
side of the adapter is a good idea.

5: You may have to move or add to your return springs to compensate for the
extra weight. Make sure that when you are all done that you are not putting
the cylinder in a bind. It is imperative to make sure that everything moves
freely with no binding.

Air Regulator:
1: It's ok to use a nitrous as an air source.
Other sources like nitrogen will require a different regulator than co2 or n2o.

2: It's ok to replace the regulator gauge with a little nitrous pressure
gauge...OR use this one as the nitrous gauge.

3: It's ok to leave the gauge off altogether once you are comfortable that
everything works.

3: If mounting off of a nitrous bottle or gauge adapter a 1/4npt x 1/8npt nipple
adapter will likely be needed.

4: The output side of the regulator is 1/8npt if you want to change it from the
quick fitting to something else.
     Try to mount it so it sees the least amount of vibration. All regulators are
susceptible to bounce.
     IF you use any other type of regulator set it for 85-90lbs. NEVER, ever 
exceed 125 lbs.
Dual Action Air Throttle Launch Control
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Nitrous Master.
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Air Activation Solenoid
It can be mounted anywhere you want.
The screw sizes are 6-32
It can be mounted directly
to the cylinder if there is room.
An 1/8npt nipple will be required to do so.
If you plan on controlling the rate of opening
mount it so you have access to the little brass