Components to make a fuel injection starting primer.
Choose only what you need to make a "kit".
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Nitrous Master.
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Nitrous Oxide
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Screws directly into an unused hole in the hat. If you have a 4 barrel system or a plate, drill/tap an 1/8 npt hole for use.
-3 hose to connect.
Nozzle Body & Jet
Fuel Tank
271-1 ... Primer nozzle .............................. 19.95
271-2 ... Primer Solenoid ........................... 74.95
Fuel Pump
271-3 ...    Primer Fuel pump ...................... 64.95
Mount it where you like but as close to the nozzle as possible works best.  Teflon piston = any fuel.
-3 inlet and outlet fittings included.
High pressure for good atomizing. All fuels.
-3 inlet and outlet fittings included.
We can make up -3 rubber hoses in any length you need and with any style of ends. Go HERE to choose what you need. If it's not there give us a call.
Beautiful Billet piece. Unique bracket allows it to be mounted to a flat plate or a round tube. Has Drain plug.
Capacity is 7.25 oz.  Inlet and outlet fittings included.
Strong enough you could mount the fuel pump directly to it.
271-4 ...    Billet Primer Tank ..................... 108.95
Fuel Injection Primer.
Fuel injection primer nozzle kit.
Fuel injection primer hose.
Fuel injection primer solenoid kit,
Fuel injection primer pump kit.
For those that hate electrical items and extra weight:
This tank has a vent hole in the fill plug. Swap it out for a fitting with a schrader valve, Fill it part way with fuel and the rest with air and you have a pumpless primer system. 10-12 psi will work. A simple Bicycle pump will do the job. You still need the solenoid....or a manually operated on/off valve.

Blower apps: Mount the tank and solenoid at the rear of the hat.
The vacuum from the spinning rotors will pull the fuel in. No air pressure or electric pump required. A manually operated on/off valve could eliminate the solenoid.
Fuel injection primer tank kit.
271-5 ...    Schrader Valve fitting ................ 11.95
Schrader Valve
Air or Electrical operated