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Pro Mod Wad
"This is great!!!!!   I love it!!!!"
"The program is simply awesome.......all encompassing and well thought out!"
Mike Harris
VanTol / Raygoza Racing
"We finished #2 in points last year and just won 2 classes in the
PSCA event in Las Vegas, True Street and Wild Street, running your
program on both cars!

The True Street orange Nova is a FAST fuel injected BBC car, tuned
with the help of the injection side of the Nitrous Master.

The Wild Street Camaro is a small block fogger and we haven't even so
much as buzzed a plug yet using your program! "
George Raygoza - True Street
#4 qualifier 8.851@158.99
Final round 8.821@156.41
Crew Chief, Chassis, EFI and Nitrous Tuner
Wizard Racing, Woodland, CA
Theo Dec
Case Van Tol - Wild Street
#2 qualifier 9.517@148.02
Final round 9.613@147.91
Hey Dave,
"I just thought I'd let you know that we really mopped up at the
PSCA race in Bakersfield this past weekend! Not only did we
double up wins in both True Street and Wild Street, but we set
both ends of the record in True Street and set the ET record in
Wild huh!"
Thanks again for your help and the new Nitrous Bottle Scale
worked great................
Theo Dec
Hello Dave,
    I am sending you this email to update you of my success at the
Bonneville Salt Flats. I have a Kawasaki ZX-12R streetbike with up to
150hp of nitrous and run it at Maxton (209.1mph current record) and
took it to Bonneville to try and recapture my record that was beaten at
Speed Week this past August.
     After a slow start we did indeed recapture the record which was
set in Aug. at 207 mph. We reset the record at 213.49 mph. We also
set fastest bike speed of the meet with our last run at 214.3 mph. It
was also the very last run of the meet, which caught people by
    Your Nitrous Master Software was a big help and especially the
help files in doing the preparation and planning for the nitrous.
    We also feel that 220 mph is still within reach with our present
setup, but unfortunately we ran out of time before we could step up
the nitrous more. Traction was a major issue on the salt and we had
to make changes in baby steps, and that is why we ran out of time.
        Thanks again, and I look forward to the next updated help files.
Rider Jim Owen
Crew Chief Dan Johnson
We went down to Maxton N.C. at the end of April to compete again with my
Nitrous equipped Kawasaki ZX-12R to compete on their Mile long course.
The last time I was there was last June when we set a record at 209.1
MPH. This time we broke the track record for the nitrous bikes at 218.648
MPH!!! Actually we are now the fastest vehicle, bike or car in any fuel class
other than the blown classes.
Jim Owen    Bad For Good Racing
....We are now running a consistent 7.12, 190 mph in a 2800 lb car without
a hint of damage. This improvement over years past is due to the analysis
and information available from using the Nitrous Master. Thanks for a great
Bill Coppin
The program is awesome. I was #1 Qualifier the first time out with the new tune up. Now I have plenty of power and have to figure out how to hook it!
Jason Coons
   Hi Dave,
Season ended up on a pretty good note. Using the Nitrous Master
software and your single stage nozzle system I won the last 2 events & I
qualified #1 3 or 4 times.
  I ended up #3 in the points & we feel that we could been #1 but,we had a
DNQ when the transmission broke in the first round of qualifying.
Our best ET was 8.102 @ 168mph with the front end still in the air at the
1/8 mile.
Randy Dolensek
By the way, I love the NitrousMaster program. I have learned a lot since purchasing
Brad McCullough
I finally got the bugs worked out of our race car by using the open flow test kit,
nitrous fuel control and the Nitrous Master software. I really learned a lot from
the software. Thanks for the great information. The Nitrous Master is a must
have foranyone using nitrous!
Dan Wozniak
Hi Dave
Just want to say a big thank you to you guys. The Nitrous Master program
has been a great help in our securing the SuperMod championship. To see
what rules we have to run click the link.
We also hold the mph & ET records for the class as well. Here are a couple
of pics of the car in action with Kev Perkins at the wheel.
Just a quick line to let you guys know that we have won the Supermodified
national championship for the second year running, once again the program
has been a great help, saving hours & enabling us to try out a few new tricks.
Rob Millward (crewchief & part-time driver on the Team Ellis Oldsmobile Cutlass)
Graham Ellis (owner) Kev Perkins (driver)
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